Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Home Video Studio Celebrates One Year!

Well, we did it. We've managed to keep our doors open for business for one year. It's been a challenging year, but a very rewarding one. We've thoroughly enjoyed being able to serve so many people with our services, from archiving those precious home movies to DVD to the creation of videos for small businesses. Having a background in network television production, although it may sound exciting and fun, I can tell you it's a LOT more rewarding to be able to affect people's lives with the use of video.

In recognition of our business anniversary (and April Fools Day!), we're offering some unbelievable specials you won't want to miss.

With 30 days in April, we're offering some incredible discounts starting today with everything 30% off.  Everything!  Videotape transfers to DVD, photos and slide transfers, 8mm film transfers, CD and DVD duplication, video production, video editing, etc.  Every project ordered today (April 1st) is marked down 30%!!!

Tomorrow's a good day too, only the discount is 29%.  Friday everything is 28% off.  Saturday everything is 27% off.  Wait until next Monday and it's 25% off.  Wait until April 15th and everything is 16% off.  Are you getting the pattern here?  You have full control over the discount, it just depends on how quickly you can bring it in (we also offer free pickup and delivery).

Want more discounts?  Follow our blog and receive a $25 credit for your next project.

There literally is no better time than today to get your items into our studio.  Give us a call today at (805) 530-1174  or Toll-Free (866) 551-8120.  We are ready to create some more memorable experiences!

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Thanks and Happy April Fools!